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Boston Triathlon 2023
Case Study

In 2023, Joshua Milne PR (JMPR) continued its support of Ethos, a mass participation event organization, and its signature event, The Columbia Threadneedle Investments Boston Triathlon. The 2022 event garnered an avalanche of coverage, in part, due to JMPR’s quick thinking to leverage the historic heatwave to draw national media attention to the Boston Triathlon. The 2022 media windfall significantly raised the profile of the event and sparked increased interest. JMPR’s challenge for 2023 was to build on the momentum of the previous year, continue to raise the profile of the Boston Triathlon, and build its reputation as an iconic summer event.

The Boston Triathlon is well-known and popular within the triathlon community. In the landscape of high-profile summer events in Boston, it has to compete for attention with iconic juggernauts like the July 4th Esplanade Fireworks and Red Sox/Yankees games. In 2023, JMPR set a goal to expand on the Boston Triathlon’s growing profile, including establishing wider relationships with local media to generate more impactful coverage.

Our Approach
The JMPR team started to build buzz early for the event, making sure that to hit all appropriate calendar listing opportunities in time to meet their long lead deadlines.

Next, the team formulated a plan to draw in big print and broadcast outlets to cover the event. To build excitement, JMPR pitched the story of Eshe Stockton, a 12-year-old triathlon phenomenon who finished third in the 2022 Boston Triathlon U19 event, beating out college athletes at the tender age of eleven.

Expectations were high for Stockton in 2023, with plans to compete in the adult event. The JMPR team leveraged this compelling human-interest story to draw in TV, radio, and print outlets. Since Stockton hails from Rhode Island, her story resonated with media from around New England. JMPR reached out to reporters at New England media outlets big and small and filled them in on the exciting details of Eshe Stockton’s story, priming their interest on how she would fare at the 2023 event.

With a higher profile thanks to 2022 media outreach, and a compelling human-interest story raising excitement for the 2023 Columbia Threadneedle Investments Boston Triathlon, the JMPR team was able to secure coverage of the event from nearly every important media outlet in New England.

WBZ Radio ran a story previewing the 2023 event which appeared on the websites of affiliated stations including WRKO, KISS104.1, JAMN, and Talk1200. The Boston Globe featured a pre-race story about Eshe Stockton the week before the Boston Triathlon, which appeared in print, online, and on the front page of It was one of the top ten most read stories on on Thursday, August 24.

Thanks to aggressive pre-event outreach, race day drew more broadcast media and print photojournalists onsite to cover the event than ever before, including camera crews from WHDH, WCVB, WBZ, and Boston25, as well as a photographer from the Boston Herald. Post-event stories appeared on Boston and Rhode Island broadcast outlets including WHDH, WJAR, WLNE, WCVB, WPRI, Boston25, as well as print and online. Eshe Stockton’s thrilling third-place finish in the adult race as a 12-year-old resulted in extensive post-race coverage.

Overall, JMPR garnered media that reached an audience of more than 12 million. This exposure is worth an estimated $1,008,123, an amazing feat considering the modest PR budget.

Ethos and its sponsors were once again thrilled with JMPR’s efforts and accomplishments, and credit the team for further building the Boston Triathlon brand across New England.

Joshua Milne PR is proud to announce that we’ve earned two prestigious awards

Our peers in the PR industry have recognized the amazing work Joshua Milne PR did for the Columbia Threadneedle Investments Boston Triathlon in 2022. JMPR won a 2023 gold Bulldog Award in the “Newsjacking” category for our work securing more than 1,700 media hits for the Boston Triathlon at the local, regional, national, and international levels. We leveraged the ongoing news coverage of a historic heatwave to highlight the race’s appropriate safety response and to raise the national profile of the event. We also received a Bell Ringer Award from the Boston-based PR Club. Our work on the Boston Triathlon earned a Merit Award in the “Response to Breaking News” category.

 We’re honored by the recognition from our PR colleagues and peers, but even more pleased with the positive feedback we’ve received from our clients. If you have a PR project that needs an experienced, fast-moving team that can turn on a dime, reach out to us at and let’s talk.

JMPR Secures Impressive Amount of Coverage for Clients in May 2023

May 2023 was a great month for JMPR client media coverage. In that short window of time, we secured 28 pieces of coverage for our client roster during the month At JMPR, we are media relations experts. We secure coverage in volume as well as make strategic media placements for our clients. We’re small but mighty – JMPR gets our clients’ messages in the media in a way that the big guys can’t match.

This month’s big hits come for clients in the cannabis industry, technology, and professional sports. Check out these highlights:

Premier Hockey Federation commissioner on growing women’s hockey in the U.S., Washington Post Live

The climate tech sector is booming—here are the applications VCs are most excited about, Lucy Brewster, Fortune’s Term Sheet

Red Sox Boost Cybersecurity and Data Backup in Local Startup Deal, Jacob Feldman, Sportico, 5.4.23

Integrated Projects Raises $3M to Digitize Buildings in 3D, Staff, AlleyWatch, 5.17.23

Leaf Picks, Dan Vinkovetsky, NorthEast Leaf,1.23

If you want effective media coverage for your business, JMPR can help you out. Feel free to reach out and we’ll execute a PR campaign that will get your message out.


Morari Medical


Morari Medical is a pioneering sexual health company, using cutting-edge technology to champion male sexual confidence, control, and satisfaction. Morari is developing a product designed to use the power of neuromodulation to shape sexual experiences, giving couples more intensity, pleasure, and intimacy in their sexual relationships.

With the product still under development, Morari’s team planned to attend the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to update the media on the product’s progress and announce its new branding. Following on previous successful campaigns at CES, Morari Medical once again partnered with Joshua Milne PR (JMPR) to leverage the show to secure media coverage from business, health, technology, and sex tech publications.

Our Approach

JMPR was tasked with promoting the new “Mor” branding for the forthcoming product, as well as securing media coverage from reporters covering CES or sex tech in general. JMPR drafted press releases and media pitches, then researched and targeted media that cover CES, technology, sex tech, or male sexual health. JMPR used its extensive media expertise to target relevant reporters, pitch editors, follow up and monitor for coverage.


During CES and following the show, JMPR secured coverage of Morari and Mor from a wide array of publications including business (Las Vegas Review Journal), sextech (Future Of Sex) health, (Men’s Health), technology (Interesting Engineering), international (HuffingtonPost UK), and syndicated news stories that appeared in dozens of publications around the world. Morari was also featured on a segment of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where the host made some jokes at the expense of the company and its CEO Jeff Bennett. In spite of the teasing nature of the segment, JMPR was able to help Morari spin this into more coverage in Minneapolis, the startup’s hometown, to discuss how Mor can help couples prolong satisfying sexual experiences.

Overall, Morari Medical was thrilled with the more than 30 pieces of coverage they received thanks to JMPR’s efforts.



Eastern Standard Provisions


Eastern Standard Provisions Co. (ESPCo) is a Boston-based artisanal food company that is fiercely passionate about elevating the snack food experience. The company ships its handcrafted artisanal soft pretzels, Liège Belgian waffles, artfully blended sauces, gourmet flavored salts and sugars, and gift boxes, party packs and collaboration boxes nationwide. In 2021, ESPCo was named to Oprah Winfrey’s “Favorite Things” list, the second time the company received this honor. To leverage this exciting development, ESPCo partnered with Joshua Milne PR to promote the “Oprah’s Favorite Things” news and secure local, regional, and national media coverage leading up to the 2021 holiday shopping season with the goal of driving holiday sales.

Our Approach

Joshua Milne PR was tasked with promoting ESPCo’s selection as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, securing coverage in 2021 holiday gift guide roundups, and continuing to generate media exposure for ESPCO. Joshua Milne PR drafted press releases and media pitches, then researched and targeted media who create holiday gift guides or have previously covered Oprah’s Favorite Things. Joshua Milne PR used its extensive media expertise to target relevant media, pitch editors, follow up and monitor for coverage.


Between November 1 and December 19, 2021, Joshua Milne PR secured more than 50 media hits for ESPCo, including Buzzfeed, Refinery29, PopSugar, Yahoo Life, Reader’s Digest, and Joshua Milne PR helped ESPCo reach its goal of getting out in front of holiday gift buyers and taking advantage of the publicity generated by Oprah’s Favorite Things to draw in new customers and encourage previous ones to return and purchase these great gourmet products again.


Strong Start to 2021 for JMPR Clients

The first quarter of 2021 has come to an end, and Joshua Milne PR is celebrating the success we had on behalf of our clients in the first part of the year. We secured more than 50 pieces of targeted coverage for clients in Q1, including product news, a VC announcement, an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a Valentine’s Day-themed product promotion, as well as opportunities to present clients as expert sources on relevant industry topics in the media.

We started out in January supporting Morari Medical, maker of wearable sextech solutions, at CES. CES is one of the biggest events of the year, and it’s always a challenge to rise above the noise and grab media attention, and even more so in 2021, as the show was virtual. Morari’s product is still in beta, but JMPR was able to highlight exciting data coming out of testing and tease developments coming later in 2021 to capture coverage out of the show. Some clips include Medgadget, WellToDo Global Wellness News, Mel Magazine, and Gizmodo.

The Healing Rose, maker of Certified Organic CBD-infused bath and body products, wanted to draw attention to and drive sales for a Valentine’s Day-themed promotion that included bath soaks, lip balm, salves, and massage oil for couples to share. JMPR was able to secure coverage of the promotion in a number of gift-focused online media and blogs, including Things That Make People Go Aww, Daily Mom, and Cleverly Me.

JMPR also highlighted some of our clients as expert sources and industry thought-leaders by placing contributed articles. For example, Mad*Pow, a purpose-driven strategic design consultancy, had an article on behavior change design in UX Booth. Vee24, a leader in live engagement solutions, also had thoughtful pieces on digital engagement in the auto industry in CBT News and digital strategies for financial institutions in Finextra.

That just scratches the surface of all of the great placements we had in Q1. All our recent client media coverage is available here for you to check out anytime. We’re gearing up to generate more exposure for clients in Q2 2021. Reach out to us if you need help securing targeted media coverage for your business, and we’ll build a plan to help you reach your goals.


Morari Medical Case Study


Morari Medical is an emerging sextech company focusing on men’s sexual health and wellness. The Morari team is leveraging its 75 years of collective experience in urology and sexual health to develop a wearable device-based treatment for premature ejaculation (PE). Morari’s mission is to help men restore confidence and enhance the sexual experience for both partners by eliminating the embarrassment and frustration of PE. Joshua Milne PR was challenged to elevate Morari’s profile in the sextech market via creating a media strategy that would garner coverage and investor attention at the January 2020 CES trade show in Las Vegas.

Our Approach
Beginning in mid-November, Joshua Milne PR created and began implementing an aggressive media strategy to build up to Morari’s exhibit and presentation at CES in January. The creation of the media list and outreach started in November, followed by weekly outreach, with new pitches each time, through mid-December. Concurrently in December, we drafted a press release and reviewed the CES pre-registered media list to further fine tune our approach, with a final big push to media via pitching and distribution of the press release on January 6. Additionally, we drafted talking points and briefing sheets and handled all media requests.


Joshua Milne PR was able to exceed Morari’s goals for media coverage and consumer and investor awareness. Morari received coverage in more than 60 publications, websites, and broadcast outlets, with 14 pieces being syndicated, including CNET, Men’s Health, Pioneer Press, Mashable, and more. In addition to the coverage, the company received responses from men who wanted to be part of the trial study for the product and had multiple requests from investors who were interested in learning more about the company.

Coverage Highlights
• Morari Medical’s New Bandage for Your Perineum Supposedly Fixes Premature Ejaculation: Morari Medical unveiled the device at CES 2020 – Men’s Health – 1.13.20
• Premature ejaculation? A Minnesota tech company wants to zap it away – Pioneer Press – 1.9.20
• Morari Medical Introduces Wearable Solution for Premature Ejaculation at CES 2020 – – 1.6.20
• The guy at CES who just wants to talk premature ejaculation – Engaget – 1.6.20
• CES 2020: Band-Aid for your taint promises to fix premature ejaculation – CNET – 1.7.20



Mass Hemp Coalition Case Study

On June 12, 2019, the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture (MDAR) released a policy
statement regarding the sale of hemp-derived products in the Commonwealth. The statement
puts into place a ban on the sale of certain products and remains vague in many areas, putting
the local Massachusetts hemp small farmer, processor, and retailer at a disadvantage, and
impacting up to 73,000 acres of farmland in Massachusetts. In reaction, several hemp industry
stakeholders got together and formed the Massachusetts Hemp Coalition (MHC), with the goal
of raising awareness of the potential negative impacts of the MDAR policy. The MHC quickly
planned a press conference and lobbying effort to try to help impacted farmers and others.
MHC chose Joshua Milne PR to help craft and execute a media strategy to draw coverage of the
press conference and raise public awareness of the hemp-derived products ban.

Our Approach
Joshua Milne PR used its extensive media expertise to reach out to business, government, and
hemp industry contacts prior to the June 24 press conference to generate awareness of the
issue and encourage attendance at the press event. Before, during, and after the press
conference, Joshua Milne PR reached out to all relevant media contacts to help facilitate as
much news coverage as possible.

Prior to the June 24 press conference, Joshua Milne PR garnered interest in the MDAR hemp
ban from Hemp Industry Daily, as well as The Worcester Telegram, Boston Business Journal,
Masslive, and WBUR Radio. Joshua Milne PR also helped secure post-press conference
coverage from the Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, WBZ-AM, and State House News.
Coverage of the news from MASSterlist and This Week In Weed also syndicated a number of the
articles that had been written. In addition to plentiful coverage of the potentially harmful hemp
ban, the MHC was able to meet with and lobby a number of Massachusetts state lawmakers to
make the case that this ban will hurt many small Massachusetts farmers and businesses. Joshua
Milne PR was integral in helping MHC execute their strategy to try to reverse the ban that
would impact over 30 Massachusetts hemp farmers, processors, and retailers. With more than
two dozen media hits as a result, Joshua Milne PR helped raise public awareness and put
pressure on lawmakers to take another look at the ban.



Modulate Case Study

Modulate is a Cambridge-based startup using revolutionary machine learning techniques to create the world’s first customizable voice skins. Voice skins can be used for online gaming and other applications to customize the sound of your voice. Joshua Milne PR was challenged to help introduce Modulate and its voice skin technology to the tech and business press, as well as to announce its latest round of seed funding.

Our Approach
In a short timeframe of less than three weeks, Joshua Milne PR was able to draft an announcement introducing Modulate and its funding news, gather a list of targeted media contacts, pitch the news under embargo to select, high value media, and then pitch all tech and business press following release of the news. Modulate especially wanted to begin building relationships with Boston-area tech and business journalists, as well as national tech industry followers.

Joshua Milne PR was able to secure exactly the results that Modulate was seeking. Modulate’s news received coverage in more than 30 tech and business news publications, websites and broadcast outlets. News stories covered both the funding, as well as the company and its technology, boosting the visibility of this emerging startup in the business community to attract the attention of more investors and partners. Coverage included a coveted spot in Hiawatha Bray’s tech business column in the Boston Globe, which discussed the emerging company and its unique voice skin technology. Other notable coverage appeared in VentureFizz, WBUR Radio, Kotaku, Crunchbase, VentureBeat, TechRegister, and BostInno.

Spring 2018 Client Successes


During Spring 2018, Joshua Milne PR burned up the charts, producing amazing results for clients and garnering coverage of important events, product launches, and other vital news.  Clients included Major League Lacrosse, Military Friends Foundation, Campanda, C3RN, Industria Risk & Insurance Services, and Zelus Beer Company.

Our Approach

Joshua Milne PR crafted unique media outreach plans to suit the needs of each client, including press releases, media advisories, contributed articles, calendar listings, Q&As, broadcast, online, radio, and print interviews.  Each plan was carefully designed to draw attention to each client’s important news and drive sales, increase consumer interaction or draw investors.


Joshua Milne PR lived up to its reputation as unmatched experts in placing media coverage and lit up the PR world securing more than 45 media hits in broadcast, print, and online outlets for these clients over the course of approximately three months.  Coverage appeared in local and national outlets, as well as important industry and vertical publications, including US, Investor’s Business Daily, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, AARP, Business Insurance Magazine, Boston Business Journal, and US Lacrosse Magazine.

Just a few examples of the important results for our clients include:


  • Zelus Beer Company, a Massachusetts-based craft brewer, experienced a great turn out at its month-long beer garden, thanks to Joshua Milne PR media placements that drove consumers to the site. There was enough interest at the event that the town invited them back to host another pop-up beer garden later in the summer. The coverage also led to Zelus being invited to provide samples at the Boston Marathon Expo before the Marathon.
  • Campanda, the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental company, expanded its name recognition in the US and established its executives as industry thought leaders through contributed article placements.
  • Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN), a company that specializes in providing high-quality advocacy, research, and education services, continues to raise its profile locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Major League Lacrosse, the U.S.-based professional lacrosse league, saw great attendance at its MLL All-Star Game and accompanying events with more than 68 media placements in local, national, and sports media.


Coverage Highlights




DMSE Sports Classic Case Study


DMSE is a leader in sports event management and the force behind the some of the biggest running events in New England, from the Boston Marathon to the New Balance Falmouth Road Race and the TD Beach to Beacon in Maine. DMSE is also the organizer of the new DMSE Sports Classic at Merrimack College, which was hosting its first event on July 22-23, 2017. The event features a 10K, 5K, and kids’ races, plus a half-marathon, as well as the “Celebrity Mile” that brought local sports figures, media personalities, and other celebrities together to celebrate running and draw interest to the event. DMSE partnered with Joshua Milne PR to help increase the profile of the DMSE Sports Classic, driving participants and spectators, and promoting the success of the event to print and broadcast outlets.


Our Approach

Joshua Milne PR formed and executed a media strategy that included pursuing calendar announcements in local papers, targeting bloggers who cover running, and scheduling radio interviews for DMSE’s David McGillivray to promote the event. The media strategy was designed to provide a steady stream of coverage leading up to the event to drive participation. On the event weekend, the PR team invited reporters and photographers from local media outlets to capture pictures and interviews with the “Celebrity Mile” participants and laud the success of the event. The team also worked to provide David McGillivray with opportunities to speak with various media outlets to talk about the DMSE Sports Classic and promote the celebrities scheduled to attend.



Thanks to the efforts of Joshua Milne PR, the DMSE Sports Classic was a successful, well-attended event that received extensive coverage, both prior to and following the event.  Results of the PR team effort included:


  • Calendar announcements in print and online media including, CBS Boston, Eagle Tribune, and Runner’s World.
  • Attendance at the event media from five media outlets, including NECN and WBZ-TV, to film runners and interview “Celebrity Mile” participants.
  • A total of five scheduled interviews with print, online, and broadcast media for David McGillvray leading up to the event.
  • Print, online, and broadcast coverage following the event, including the Boston Globe, Eagle Tribune, and


261 Fearless Case Study



Kathrine Switzer is famous in running circles, in part for being the first official female entrant to finish the Boston Marathon in 1967. Switzer has used her storied running career to promote female empowerment, establishing the 261 Fearless foundation to inspire women and girls around the world. After working with Joshua Milne PR during the 2017 Boston Marathon, Switzer chose to partner again with this team to promote 261 Fearless and its mission through the end of the year. Joshua Milne PR developed a strategy of creating experiential events with Switzer to draw attention and new membership to 261 Fearless.


Our Approach

Joshua Milne PR provided Switzer with soup-to-nuts support to implement this strategy by creating, planning, executing, and managing logistics, as well as driving media exposure of the events and of 261 Fearless. The PR team created and hosted events in Boston and in Hopkinton on October 13 and 14, 2017, that drew 261 Fearless members, local dignitaries, B.A.A. officials, and media. The first invitiation-only event, which was in Boston, brought Switzer together with members of 261 Fearless’s Boston chapter, as well as members of local media, for a run. The second event was held in Hopkinton, MA, and was designed not only to promote 261 Fearless but also to thank the town of Hopkinton for all of their support of Katherine over the years since her first Boston Marathon run. This event included members of 261 Fearless Hopkinton, local dignitaries, and senior members of the B.A.A., and featured speeches from several attendees and a run around the new Hopkinton Middle School track. Joshua Milne PR drafted calendar listings and media advisories, reached out to media to get them to participate, and promoted both events through radio interviews and social media outreach.



Thanks to the efforts of Joshua Milne PR, Kathrine Switzer and 261 Fearless enjoyed a weekend of events that drew attention to the organization and its mission and drove interest in new membership.  Some highlights include:


  • Placed calendar listings promoting the events in local print and online publications
  • Secured coverage in a variety of local online, broadcast, and print outlets including the Boston Herald, MetroWest Daily News, HCAM: Hopkinton Television, and Wicked Local Hopkinton.
  • Created social media posts for the 261 Fearless Twitter and Facebook accounts that reached thousands across Eastern Massachusetts.


261 Fearless’ 2017 Boston Marathon Case Study



In 1967, Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to complete in the Boston Marathon as an official entrant.  Switzer’s run turned out to be an iconic moment in Marathon history after a race official attacked her on the course and tried to pull off her 261 bib number.  Kathrine fended off the attack, finished the race, and became an international inspiration to female athletes for her determination and perseverance.  In 2017, Switzer returned to the Boston Marathon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her historic run, mark the retirement of her 261 bib number, and promote women’s empowerment through running via her 261 Fearless foundation.  To manage this demanding media opportunity, Switzer and 261 Fearless turned to a small team of PR pros, including Joshua Milne PR, to support media events and manage press demands before, during, and after the 2017 Boston Marathon.


Our Approach

Joshua Milne PR and its partners executed a media plan to support Kathrine Switzer’s 2017 Boston Marathon run, the retirement of her number, and the promotion of her 261 Fearless organization, which included 125 sponsored runners participating in the Marathon. The PR team worked with Kathrine to address the following:


  • Incoming media requests for interviews.
  • Pitch the 261 Fearless story to local and national reporters.
  • Organize a press conference prior to race day to discuss the impact of 261 Fearless.
  • Draft press materials for local, national, and international media.
  • Coordinate logistics and opportunities with the Boston Athletic Association, Adidas International, and the Boston Red Sox.


Thanks to the efforts of Joshua Milne PR and its partners, Kathrine Switzer’s appearance in the 2017 Boston Marathon was a highly visible press event, receiving positive and extensive media coverage.  Results of the PR team effort include:


  • A total of more than 40 interviews in a one month window with print, online, and broadcast media at the local, national, and international levels
  • More than 380 pieces of local, national, and international coverage on Switzer’s historic run, her number retirement, and 261 Fearless. Over the more than 70 tier one media hits, highlights include NBC News, ESPN, The Boston Globe, Time Magazine, BBC News, The Guardian, and People Magazine.
  • More than 15 members of the media attended our press conference on “Good Friday” before the marathon.



Runner’s World Sets the Pace at the Boston Marathon


Runner’s World, the world’s leading running magazine, wanted to leverage its connection to the historic Boston Marathon to raise the profile of the magazine and its editors. As part of this effort, Terry Lyons Sports Marketing hired Joshua Milne PR to provide media relations support for the Boston Marathon. Joshua Milne PR took on the challenge of ensuring that a variety of media coverage appeared in the run up to the Marathon promoting the reputation of Runner’s World and its editors as an unmatched source on information about running.


Our Approach

Joshua Milne PR drafted media advisories, calendar listings and media pitches that were distributed to more than 40 media contacts at print and online publications, as well as at radio, TV and web broadcast outlets. We worked with Runner’s World’s PR team at Rodale to brainstorm story ideas that would resonate with the Boston and national sports business media. Terry Lyons Sports Marketing and Joshua Milne PR created a one sheet titled “How Runner’s World Can Help You,” which provided the media with Boston Marathon-related story ideas to consider and offered Runner’s World staff as expert sources.



Joshua Milne PR took this project on for the 2014 Boston Marathon and it was so successful, we were asked to help Runner’s World again in 2015 and 2016.

• We pitched Runner’s World editors, including Amby Burfoot, editor-at-large and a former Boston Marathon champion, as well, as David Wiley and Bobbi Gibbs in 2016.

• The majority of articles and interviews secured by the team were expert source opportunities providing tips on running and offering thoughts on the Boston Marathon, cementing Runner’s  World’s reputation as experts on informing, advising and motivating runners of all ages and abilities.

• The 2015 campaign included hits in the Boston Herald, Boston Globe,,, BostonInno, WBZ-TV, WGBH-TV, WZLX-FM and Boston Herald Radio.

• The 2016 campaign included 36 pieces of coverage resulting in an estimated 1.5 million views and 2,700 social media shares from stories and interviews appearing in outlets including WGBHTV’s “Greater Boston,” NPR’s “Here & Now,” New England Cable News, Associated Press, ABC News, The New York Times, New England Sports Network (NESN) and


The Boston Lobsters Gain Steam in the Local Tennis Scene



The Boston Lobsters, based in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, and part of the World TeamTennis league, were looking for media exposure to drive traffic and ticket sales for their match play lasting approximately two weeks in July 2015. The Lobsters turned to Terry Lyons Sports Marketing and Joshua Milne PR to tap into their media relations expertise and knowledge and experience with sports marketing and sporting event media coverage.


Our Approach

Joshua Milne PR reached out to local media of all kinds to inform tennis enthusiasts about the Boston Lobsters and their upcoming season using media outreach, interviews, onsite coverage and event listings. Terry Lyons Sports Marketing and Joshua Milne PR drafted media advisories, calendar listings and media pitches to promote the event, reaching out to more than 50 local media contacts at print and online publications, as well as at local TV and radio outlets.

We also leveraged a visit from tennis legend Billie Jean King to drive interest in the Lobsters’ matches, scheduling and staffing a one-day media tour around the Boston area for Ms. King.

During the tournament, Joshua Milne PR provided onsite support, attending matches to help media covering the events, and helping to facilitate interviews whenever possible.


Joshua Milne PR secured and scheduled 15 print and broadcast interviews during the Boston Lobsters’ two-week season.

• We secured coverage in a variety of local media outlets, including Boston Business Journal, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Newburyport News, Salem News, Sports Business Daily,, Boston Central, Baystate Parent, and GateHouse Media’s Wicked Local publications, which include dozens of local newspapers across Massachusetts.


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